Missing Element

Missing Fire

Somehow I forgot to post this. It was also part of my excursion this past weekend. So much beauty, so little time. Although, I feel as though I need more ideas of places to travel.



No Passport Yet….



So instead I have been trying to explore places locally that I haven’t been to before. This country is so vast and even though I have been to quite a few states there will never be a way in my whole life to see it all. But there is so much local beauty. And even though I cannot yet travel to other countries, it’s amazing to me how in just one weekend I have met people from other countries visiting here. Their experiences cast a different view on my own country for the time being. (But once my passport comes.. going to be planning a trip somewhere other than here no matter how many newfound beautiful places I visit locally :)) 


Goal 1 for the next few weeks: Go out and explore!! Find a place that you haven’t seen near you and try to see it with an attitude of a world traveler. (And I realize I said you as in speaking to those that may read this but it is a goal for myself as well)

Goal 2 : Finish another book. This is taking some serious mental effort to focus and tune everything else out. Although, this weekend being near all that calming water made me want to find a quiet spot and just listen to it and read. The sound of water has a way of (omg cannot believe I’m saying this) drowning out everything else and calming your thoughts. 

Goal 3: Look into other opportunities for volunteering as well as continue to look for work.

Goal 4: Prepare for the next 5k. It’s so hard once you reach a goal, at least for me it is, to continue on and not quit. It’s like crossing a finish line of the race and still continue to run. Oh wait it’s exactly that. lol. Normally, I would be speaking figuratively but instead this is quite literal. 


Also, this weekend, I’m working a wedding. It will be nice to be around others who are creative and who challenge themselves by owning their own business. Not really a goal, but I will enjoy it and the company 🙂




Moving things along more quickly than I expected.

After the lull last week so to speak (company in town), I have accomplished two things: PASSPORT FILED!!!! and applied for first job.

There was a bit of a debacle in the passport filing. Went to the first location, documents in hand, old expired passport, passport photo, and found out that I needed an appointment?!?!?!? Why was that not listed on the the things I needed at that location? So then I called the Clerk of Courts and found out I needed checks to pay for the whole deal, so I had to go back home. For someone who has a mild bout with social anxiety every now and again, this was throwing a wrench into the equation because I had already prepared my mind to handle it a certain way. So when other things arise, it’s hard for me to get back on track. However, I persevered and found the Clerk of Courts office which may I say was in a less than “comforting” area. I saw the amount of cars and the location and had to battle with my mind to go ahead and enter. But I did it and there was no line….whoever heard of that happening? But the rest was not smooth sailing. Apparently, the paperwork I had was not updated even though I had just filled it out from the government’s website. Pay attention, the government’s passport documents are not updated (maybe as I write this they are now lol) but needless to say, I had to fill out entirely new paperwork. Still, there was no onslaught of people coming in and I was able to go right back up to the window and finish. There were a few other minor hiccups, but luckily I brought my expired passport which they were able to use instead.

And today, found a job that would be great for me. Part time and also relates to the field in which I want to get my degree. I hope my cover letter and resume make it through to eyes that need to see it. As we all know that is being said on a wing and a prayer. But who knows, the powers that be may shine upon me. It would be a great opportunity to get my feet wet, also may even count as course credits for the degree and open other doors. If nothing else, I updated my cover letter and resume. Fingers Crossed.

Two days in a row for me to challenge myself and every day feeling more excited at the possibilities of what life could have to offer. (Now if I just could win that million dollars in the lottery I never play…. )


Passport photo

I have gotten a couple of.goals accomplished this week. One of which was getting my passport photo. Now I just need to file the documents. Family is in town this weekend but goal next week is to get that done. And then will hopefully have my passport soon. Where I will go or when is still in the realm of possibilities but at least I’m one step closer.

Why is it???

Whenever I make a goal for myself and meet it, there is that expanse of time after where it’s really difficult to be motivated. 

I did however complete two books I had started on. That is a feat in and of itself. My mind has been all over the places as of late so the fact that I could sit down and stay focused enough to read two books is amazing to me. Now for the other goal, passport. So frustrating, the paperwork is all filled out now just for the dreaded photo. The thing that will follow me around the next 10 years. lol Have to get my head around doing that. Also, have company coming in town so I’m interested to see if I will procrastinate and find excuses or if I will just go for it and do it anyway. 

In the mean time, still looking for work and volunteering opportunities. Both of which I will hope put me one step closer to my goal. 

Also, one month away from next 5k. Gotta stay motivated. Keep the goals 😉