Soul nourishing…

There’s food that feeds the belly and food that feeds the soul. If you’ve ever had the latter, you know no matter what the cost of that meal, its value is immeasurable. 
There’s a small restaurant that is near me that I love. The atmosphere,  the people, the amazing handmade food is worth the hole in my wallet. At some point it isn’t about what you’re eating so much as it is about the experience altogether. 
I had this amazing iced coffee with an open faced toasted pork ravioli and a fresh poached egg. Just to listen to people’s chatter and being greeted with a smile and asked how you’ve been doing was a nice break in this chaotic time in my life. And at the end of this beautiful meal to be blessed with a pastry on the house just because.
Those kinds of things can change your whole outlook on your day. It’s truly about feeding the soul not just the body.

One of my friends asked me what my soul food is… that meal or one food that feeds my soul. I don’t really have one. It’s more of an experience, just something handmade and delicious and an environment that is peaceful, charming, and feeds senses other than just taste.

But that is me… 🙂

Do you have a food that when you eat it makes your soul feel nourished? If so, what is it? If not, is it more about an experience that feeds your soul?



Such a beautiful story of love …

The Catholic Husband

Soul Mates“, the very term conjures up images of a relationship so deep and comfortable that one blissfully sinks into it without a care or thought toward any distractions to their partner or from their partner. Often these daydreams include visions of our idea of the most physically attractive partner we can imagine paired with a mind always in agreement with our own and seeking nothing for itself.

Of course, one wakes from these daydreams and distractions eventually and realizes the truth is much closer to home. For me it was my grandparents who despite their advanced years remained very much actively in love, playful with each other, very physically affectionate, and while capable of vehement disagreements they were capable of having them without anger or malice of any kind towards each other. They also regularly finished each others sentences and when queried by a third party they often responded in unison…

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Just some photography ….

I have been trying to continually take photos, it brings me joy and keeps a record of moments in my life. The little girl I watch at the moment is with me on a few of my adventures. She always seems to find some sort of treasure. I find if you just change the way you look at even the smallest of things, it can change the way you perceive everything. Of course I’m not the first person to have realized this but it’s still nice to be reminded of it ever now and again.

What were some of your treasures as a kid? Do you still find joy in them now?

Going after a dream has a price…

“Going after a dream has a price. But however costly it may be, it is never as high as the price paid by people who didn’t live.”  

~Adulterio   Paulo Coelho


It’s like having this thorn in your side where you know you need to do something not because anyone told you to but because you need to do it for yourself. However, you keep putting it off hoping you will have time for it. I am at that place right now. I wanted to write about my orientation experience but some unforeseen things have come into my life and I am just trying to make it through the next two weeks. I know the problem with that is, the further I’m removed from the experience the less clearly I see it in my mind. But I shall post this and remind myself of my dreams and that at least I’m going for them, the commentary may have to wait but I will still continue 🙂


Went crazy in a field…

Sounds reminiscent of Van Gogh, although I lack the unabashed talent. I still thought of him and other artists while I was there. I was thinking Monet might be enjoy capturing all the light that kept changing the feeling of that field. He might just love digital photography for the freedom that it gives.

I always think about that, what would all these amazing artists do with the technology we have today? What do you think? Do you think they would still have the same styles or do you think they would be completely different artists?

Finally first day…


Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.

Anais Nin

I was called to start sometime this week to volunteer. It has taken almost 5 months to start all this. From the signing up, to being selected for the interview to waiting for the orientation,  to studying for tests and the actual orientation day, then TB testing, it is finally here. It seems more grueling than going up for an actual job. It will all be worth it.

It’s nothing big to start, just getting out mailers. But from my reaction you would have thought I finally landed a job. For all intents and purposes for me it is. I may not be getting paid but honestly this is my biggest chance to find work. The experience I will get is a huge deal and not only that the networking and references. I hope I’m not placing too much importance on it but for right now I’m going to be excited 🙂

From what I understand, there is a project there they want me to handle. I’m so happy to be able to do something I love and that fits me. Right and left brain engaged. 🙂

This has been a really stressful time some of it I won’t share,  but needless to say I am being stretched thin. I am transitioning from watching my friend’s daughter, to volunteering, and then hopefully going back to school soon. Not only that other things are going on simultaneously that are also affecting possible future choices. There may be a point where I pour out everything here but right now I just feel that I can’t.

It has been affecting how much of my mind is focused on the volunteering position. Which is also frustrating because I would love to be able to just write about it all and get to really take in all that I have experienced. I just need to make it to the end of this month. Lol

I must confess I have a love affair with clouds…



No really, the moment I look up and see that beautiful blue sky dotted with those fluffy things, I am immediately overwhelmed. My heart feels light and starts to race. There is just this instant joy. Simple pleasures in life are such a great blessing. They remind us we’re alive, give us peace and renew our hearts and mind where even vacations can fail.

What simple joys renew your soul?

Things You Should Know About Introverts

I want to acknowledge I haven’t written this week in the way I need to but more on that later. Let’s revisit being an introvert for now. Yet another piece that describes how I feel so perfectly. 🙂 I was nominated for an award from a fellow blogger ( and will mention it when I have a chance. (So humbled) TGIF!!!! Now where is that cave to go crawl into where no one can find me for at least 3 days?!?!?!


Adding this question: Does anyone else understand this? What do you do when you need that alone time to recharge yet have no opportunity to be alone?

Playfully Tacky

From From 1) We need to recharge alone.
This right here is the cusp of the entire introvert v. extrovert debate (if there is one, anyway) – Introverts need to be alone to recharge. We tend to get completely worn out by socializing. This is basically what it means to be an introvert.

2) We don’t hate being around people, but we probably hate crowds.
I love being with people, but if you drop me into a large crowd I instantly feel like I’m alone and invisible. I try to avoid situations where I feel that way, so I may decline your open invitation to some random event. It doesn’t mean I don’t like to be around you, it just means I like to have more control over my surroundings.

3) We don’t mind silence.
I can sit beside you in silence and not think we are having a bad…

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“I haven’t the slightest interest in being happy…” Paulo Coelho

I haven’t the slightest interest in being happy. I prefer to live life passionately, which is dangerous, because you never know what might happen next. Paulo Coelho ~ Adultery

I haven’t read this book yet, however, after I had read The Alchemist I followed him on Facebook. Continually there are these little nuggets of truth that speak into my life. It’s amazing when you have that continual reminder from a stranger. How an author’s words can bridge the gap and speak into your life even if you will never meet. Countless authors have the words suspended forever continually speaking to new hearts and minds, reminding us we are not alone. Reading is a beautiful thing, as is writing. Words and the sharing of them are such great gifts.   It makes me wonder for anyone who reads this, are there any authors that have spoken to you lately? If so how have their words impacted your life? Made you change your perspective or opinion or just confirmed your own beliefs?