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Hungry Ghosts – I Don’t Think About You Anymore But, I Don’t Think About…:

Ever hear the perfect song at the perfect time?


wisdom lieth wait in the night…

Wisdom lieth wait in the night,
Waiting to be discovered.
All the noise and buzz of day,
That clouds its clarity,
Are silenced…  Extinguished…
Driven away by the ticking clock,
The gentle hum of a refrigerator motor,
The creeks and groans of a settling home.
These sounds that only appear at night when everything else has quieted.
They keep wisdom company. 
Wisdom that is patient,  sound,  strong,  steadfast.
We reason and weigh our thoughts and emotions throughout the noise and drone of day.
And there she waits. 
For us to quiet our minds.  To wait.  To breathe.  To cry.  To argue.  Then finally to listen.
And she speaks.  Not always in the clear voice we long for.
But she’s there speaking just the same.
And we heard her all along.
We knew her voice.  It was familiar.  And somewhat easy to ignore as all familiar things are.
Because with wisdom comes great responsibility.
We can’t say we didn’t know better,  or we never knew at all.
She was there speaking all the time. 
We just ignored her.
And now,  when there is nothing to distract us from her cries…  We listen.
With wisdom we can see clearly…
We may not understand but we can know. 
And with that wisdom,  there shall be peace…