fear is a ghost…

Fear is a ghost that follows you,  that haunts you.  Chases you,  reminds you that you’re weak and small.  It tells you constantly why you can’t,  shouldn’t,  won’t ever… 
When this fear that overwhelms you ….  Breathe….  Hope…  Dream…   And most of all don’t give up! 
Give your all and then give some more…  There’s always this place deep within that somehow replenishes itself…  Utilizes a strength we didn’t know we had… 
We look back over our lives sometimes at battles we faced and we wonder how we ever made it through.  I know sometimes those things seem to be impossible and daunting.  But somehow we conquered…  Maybe we went around,  got carried over, prayed  or just broke through.  However we did it…  We did it!
This ghost might constantly whisper in your ear that you can’t…  Why even try…  And sometimes we listen to it…  And in that case,  forgive yourself for it.  We are humans…  Full of mistakes and flaws.  We learn and grow from them.  We can even use those moments to teach someone else or ourselves. 

Life is beautiful.
Even in fear there is an opportunity for courage. 
Be courageous.  Forgive yourself. 
Love…. Often…. Deeply….  Passionately….