all clear and movie date alone…

Got my clear from the counselor and went to employee health to get my flu shot and give them my paperwork. They asked a few questions such as do I think I’m ready to return. I said yes, but I don’t know until I try. 

Other news, I went to a movie alone. 

Pitch Perfect 3…. ordered a popcorn and a drink and enjoyed a movie alone. I’ve never done it before but will definitely again. It may not seem like a big deal to anyone, but it’s a big deal to me and I’m glad I did it before returning to work. It was something on my check list of things to do. 


hmmm what next…

So through rumors and a few confirmations while still being on short term disability,  I have found out our company sold our hospice and homecare programs.  So now all these people who have tenure and pto and retirement saved up, will lose it all. Thinking about all of that can leave someone overwhelmed. But I’m trying to stay in the present moment.  And not worry about what’s going to happen. Although, that is somewhat difficult.  I just had the feeling something like this was going to pass.  This isn’t eloquent by any means, but definitely needs to be noted.  
So I have my job, and the other coordinator put her two weeks notice in. Also the bereavement coordinator left,  which means even more work when I get back. I don’t know how long I will last.